My Happy List

It's safe to say we all have our days right? Bad days, in a funk days, our "off" days, feeling uninspired days .. etc. I had one of those days already this week where I started overthinking & began to get overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do and started thinking my goals or things that I want for myself and my family - questioning are those too far out of reach? I don't see a way for this to work out. I don't know if I have the courage or have the talent?

And that's when I stopped myself & prayed, gave it God to handle and went about my day as I usually do. Back to what I love to do - blogging. In the midst of this, I came across a "happy list" which as you can guess, inspired today's post. A happy list is a compilation of all the things that make you happy... maybe not all but some. From maybe your favorite food or getting all dressed up with nowhere to go ... except the carpool lane.You see, I've learned (and often times forget) that being happy is actually really easy. What do you have in your life that at one time you prayed for? What do you have in your life that you NEVER thought you would have? What makes you happy? Have you started looking at all the things you DO have versus the ones you don't yet? That's when after having my "off" day, I quickly started my "happy list" and wanted to share it with you all so that if you're having one of these days, you can start yours and maybe shift your focus to feel a little bit better. Have a beautiful Wednesday & I want to know what's on your happy list!