Holiday Gift Guide For Girls

Who has started Christmas shopping already and who's holding out for a few Black Friday steals? I admit I always say every year I'm going to start shopping early and knock it all out before December even gets here but that never happens, haha. I decided this year on the blog we would do Holiday Gift Guides for a few categories and I would round up some of the cutest gifts to give this year so that hopefully it makes your shopping a little easier and less stressful! Kids are my favorite to shop for because besides it being a tad bit easier, it's SO fun but I have to be careful not to go too overboard. Anyone else like that? We always shop the Amazon Holiday Toy List for great ideas but I love seeing what other people find this time of year so hopefully you eye a few things here that you think would be great gifts too! We just picked up the bunny jacket above from Target and it is the cutest thing ever in person!! And this year none of us with girls can forget an LOL Doll right? Scroll through the clothing and toys to discover some other fun goodies your girls will LOVE! Keep an eye out for more Gift Guides this week, I'm so excited to share what else I've saved! Thank you all so much for following along, your support means the world to me! Love you guys!!

What are your girls asking for on their wish list this year??