Christmas 2017

I hope you all are recovering well from the food and sugar coma's like we are right now! It feels like Christmas flew in and flew out and here we are now stashing all the Christmas decor away which makes us all so sad! We went to Chase's parents house the day before Christmas Eve and that night enjoyed coffee & the kids had milkshakes while we rode around and looked at Christmas lights throughout the city!

Christmas Eve morning we enjoyed blueberry scones & cinnamon rolls at Chase's parents house and did Christmas at one of his grandparents for lunch. His grandmother makes the best homemade strawberry cupcakes ever that we always have when we visit her & the kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins and uncle while everyone was visiting! Later that night, Santa came over for a visit and brought the kids a special gift. Vivian I don't think was so sure about him and Finn was absolutely terrified. Santa left the kids jingle bells and we made him a plate & sprinkled reindeer food out on the lawn for when he came back later that night. Needless to say, the kids stayed up way past their bedtime with all the excitement and who can blame them! ;)

Christmas morning, the kids woke up, ripped open their presents and slowly but surely made their way through each new toy & their stockings. Vivian's favorite thing she said were her baby alives and Finn's his Yeti and car playsets! For lunch we spent lunch at Chase's other grandparents to visit the rest of the family, played dirty Santa (so funny!), and opened more gifts. By this point, the kids were already napping from all the activity so they missed most of everything and ended up opening their gifts later that night.

Now that we are home, my parents are here and we finished opening gifts with them last night which I think the kids were like "more?!" haha, but you guys know with the Christmas madness comes Christmas cleaning so we wrapped up putting everything away and organizing the chaos among toys and finally have the house back in order for the most part. The absolute best thing about this time of year is spending time with all of our family and making these memories and traditions carry on year after year. I am so thankful for them and am so thankful for all of you too. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and are getting excited for the new year!!!