Finn's Big Boy Room

You guys I feel like I've wanted to share Finn's big boy room for forever! We pretty much have every thing in his room we wanted minus a rug (which is so hard to decide on!!) but I'm pretty happy with it and more importantly, he loves it! The kids rooms have never really had a "theme" so to speak, Vivian's room has always been light and airy with mirrored accents and light pink with gray. Finn's has always been a little bit of a  mix and match with things that he (and I) both love! Isn't that all boys rooms though? Haha

His favorite things right now are playsets for his cars, his superhero & transformer figures, & Magic Tracks! Before we got his bed, I knew I wanted more of a vintage style after seeing sooo many cute boys room on Pinterest. I found these adorable fox sheets at Land Of Nod over Christmas and got a steal on them! They're one of my favorite things in his room!

There are endless amounts of toys in the toy box and we keep some toys like blocks, train tracks, legos, etc. in bins underneath his bed along with shoes in a bin! You can seriously never have enough storage! EVER. The teepee is another one of our favorites! I scored it for $20 down from $80!! Thanks Target ;) Finn loves his new space and it makes us all so happy! His bed is also the winner for most comfortable in the house. How does that happen? Haha. Love you all so much and let me know if you'd like any other room tours! AND send me any rug suggestions you guys might have!! All of the sources are linked below but if I'm missing something you see, leave me a comment and I'll get that for you! Have a great Wednesday!!

Fox Sheets
Gray Quilt
Tree Blanket
Storage Bench
Teepee (on clearance!!)
Bookshelf (Chase built our replica)
Industrial Chair