Girls Trend Alert - Rainbows!

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If you saw my last post on Instagram (@leasims), you'll know I've been on a break from social media to kind of refresh myself and reprioritize things around here. Of course with holidays breaks, snow day breaks and school days off, that break got extended a little bit ;) I'm happy to say though that this week I'm revving back up and even asked you guys what YOU like to see most here on the blog. Most of the answers were fashion & kids fashion so you guys know I've got you covered! 

With all this time off, I've been searching for spring finds, Valentine & Easter happies and there's so many cute things trickling in! Side note, does any else get anxiety when it's January and you're seeing Easter candy? All I can think is hold on!! I can't process this yet, I haven't even picked Valentine gifts! Haha, like don't push Easter on me Target. You get me in enough trouble already ;)

Anyway, one of the main things I've seen throughout a few stores in the girls section is all the rainbow things! Vivian of course has told me she wants every single on of these things so there's that. I don't think any girl is going to complain about too many rainbow things. Like, kind of what that swimsuit above in my size and how cute is that rainbow pillow? Perfect for a princess room! Are you guys noticing any trends right now like the rainbow one? I'd love to know what you keep seeing!! Have a great Tuesday friends!!