Baby Number Three!!!

If you caught our special announcement a few weeks ago you'll already know that baby number three is on the way AND IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Ok so funny little story, Chase at the very end of December just out of the blue said "I think you're pregnant", I was like no I don't think so. Why would you think that? I feel fine. Y'all he was so persistent that he was right and just had this feeling about it. After a few days of this, I gave in and took a test on New Years Day. Vivian went to the bathroom with me and I kind of explained to her in toddler form if it said yes, what that would mean. Sure enough it popped with a "YES" and the minute I told her she threw her hands up to cover her mouth and was so excited!! Finn I don't think get it's just quite yet so he could really care less, haha. When I saw the yes, my first thought was wait, really? It did not seem real to me at all. Not until I had confirmed blood work, we saw baby girl in the ultrasound, heard the heartbeat and then confirmed the gender was I like OMG we're pregnant!! Haha. These days most doctors can do a simple routine blood draw and send it off to test for abnormalities like down syndrome, etc but within that can also test the DNA of the baby which tells the gender & so that's what we did! :) It's pretty incredible!

Y'all the past 14 weeks or so have kind of felt like a lifetime which is why things have been mostly mum around here, even on my personal Facebook page. The first trimester was so brutal for me starting around week 7. I think this has been the hardest out of all three pregnancies. My face broke out horribly, I was extremely exhausted to the point where I had to go lay in bed by 6:30 almost every night, and essentially lived next to the toilet with the worst morning sickness. I couldn't even keep water down in the mornings it was so bad. About week 13 it really let up and although I was still tired, my appetite started to come back and I could keep things down. Now that we are in the 2nd trimester, it's been a relief but also super weird. I've gotten some energy back along with my appetite but because it's in the weird phase of not feeling her move yet, I almost feels normal but with a little baby bump :)

Give me alllllll the fruit!!! Esp strawberries! (This was also a big craving of mine with Vivian) Also on the list, chips & salsa (queso & Chipotle's medium salsa also included in this) Nothing has really stayed constant other than those two. I may or may not have also dipped french fries in Chase's strawberry milkshake the other day though.... did anybody else use to dip their fries in a Wendy's frosty? Haha, that frosty actually sounds really good right now.

Fish and anything orange flavored!! Except for orange jello, isn't that weird? I cannot even stand the smell of the seafood department at the grocery store. Also most meat other than chicken. If I see I commercial of lasagna or some sort of heavy meaty meal, it's guaranteed to make me feel queasy!


  1. H&M Mama Leggings!!!! I'm going to share them soon in a post but guys these leggings are even more comfortable than my regular leggings! I love the full panel but they also come in low panel too :) I picked up a darker gray color & a black.
  2. Coconut Oil - I already have dry skin but my psorasis has started to flare up a little bit on my legs (gotta love the hormones!) so I've found that lathering myself in coconut oil after the shower keeps my skin super moisturized and it helps with stretch marks! Just avoid it on your face because it can clog pores but it's a game changer! I know Costco has a huge container of it that I've heard is really great! I like the unrefined kind for skin so you can warm it up in your hands first before applying. 

Dress - Target (sold out online!)