A Few Of My Favorite Things For Baby Girl

Happy Monday friends! We are just two weeks away from the halfway point of meeting our precious girl which is so crazy!!! When did you guys start buying things for your babe? I remember with Vivian I think we started buying things sooo super soon, with Finn too because it was a whole new world of boy clothes and things. This time around, can y'all believe we have not bought ONE single thing yet?! Now I'm starting to feel a little rushed because I know time will get away from me and one of my pet peeves is to rush or be rushed so I've been saving things here and there I know I want to get! Obviously that leads me to today's post and sharing all these fun things with you guys!

I was trying to think back when my babes were newborns and all the unnecessary things we had and the things that we absolutely could not live without!! One of those things I made sure to mention and that was the Milk Snob Cover that doubles as a car seat cover (hello germophobe!!) AND as a breast feeding cover and GIRL, if you don't own one, you NEED it!! I loved mine but I'm thinking it got lost in the many of moves but that just means I get to pick a new print! ;) I'm loving the smaller black & white stripes!! Also, can we talk about the newest member of Bla Bla family? I LOVE her! If you have a boy, the boys version is also so super cute!! I would love to hear what your favorites have been or what you're currently eyeing! I hope you all have a fantastic week!! Love you guys!!