Mini Swim Favorites

Now that Summer is here most of our days are spent out in the sun either at the splash pad, pool, and park and we all have permanent tan lines for now. Prior to summer, the kids had one swimsuit each once we binged through their closet (does anyone else do this before each season?), so I knew they'd need more than one and while searching for a few, I came across many that I loved that I wanted to share today!

Vivian is definitely more vocal about which swimsuits she likes (she can't stand an off the shoulder swimsuit!). Finn is still too young enough to care but this year we can't live without a rash guard for him! It has been a lifesaver for sunburns! He gets my skin where he doesn't tan as much, just becomes more red (sorry bud) but the rash guards keep him protected so we can enjoy the sun several days in a row. Right now, the kids are also loving a few pool toys like our huge unicorn float that Viv picked out and Finn loves the little squirter toys that we can practice animal sounds and names with. They also love making make shift boats out of the white lounge chairs, haha. I hope you guys like today's little round up. Some of the items I wish I had in my size! Have a great Tuesday friends!