Hello Kindergarten!

Our baby girl had her first day of Kindergarten this week and has had the best time! I'm not so sure where the time goes and how we got to this point so fast, but she was so excited the first morning and was practically yelling at me to hurry up, let's go! I will say I'm so happy she was so ready to go, but she was much more ready than I was. We had meet the teacher at the beginning of this week and I think she's going to have such a fun year!

She loved telling me every day once I picked her up what craft she made, specifically a bear with feathers, buttons, and stickers (so extra and I love it, haha!), that she played with one of her best friends from 4K who's also in her class, and that she was even a line leader this week too! I'm just so proud of her and am loving that she is loving it!

Finn will start his preschool back next week and then I'll have about a week and a half before baby girl comes which is CRAZY! Earlier this week though, I wrote down a few questions for a fun post I'm calling Kindergarten Questionnaire. I thought it would be a fun idea to see how her answers change but all of her answers now describe who she is perfectly so feel free to copy and ask your babes the same questions to see their responses!

My Favorite Thing To Play: Hide & Seek
My Favorite Color: Yellow
My Favorite Book: The Grinch
My Favorite Food: Macaroni
My Favorite Animal: Giraffes and Zebras
Something I really like: My pony toys
Something I really don't like: Spaghetti
My Favorite Thing About Myself: Playing with bubby

Naturally when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, like a doctor? Teacher? Vet? She casually answered "a unicorn". Got it babe, haha! Also, I've gotten a few questions on the board we used for her First Day picture. It's from Target's dollar spot! They have a few different variations of the boards, but all are reversible for their last day too. Another tip, use the Phonto app for text instead of chalk because the chalk can be hard to get off! :) Best $3 I've ever spent!

I hope all of your babes had a great first day/first week back at school!!

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