Meet Zoe.

She's here you guys and here I am making this post finally!! On September 6th at 12:15pm, we welcomed our sweet Zoe girl into the world. It's crazy how fast time has flown (I'm so sorry for the delay!) so I wanted to share the details of her birth story before time got even further away from me! We have been constantly on the move (literally!) and three kids is NO joke, haha. It's all been a whirlwind BUT welcoming Zoe into the world was such a great day and was probably the easiest delivery out of the three.

When we had Finn, he was a scheduled c-section for a few reasons. They were afraid his shoulders would get stuck and I had a horrible tear with Vivian based on the fact she weight 9 lbs, 1 oz. As you can probably imagine, it was an easy decision with Zoe to just have a repeat c section. I had the option to try a VBAC but there were less risks with the c-section and that's just what I felt most comfortable with and I'm so glad that's the route we chose!

I had to be at the hospital at 10am to get checked in, do the ever so fun paperwork and get prepped with an iv and pre-op meds. We arrived at 10, had all of our bags and got checked into our room. The nurses were all so friendly and kind, the hospital itself was so clean and had a very calming vibe which I think helped with all the emotions I felt that day. Some of our family came around 11 to be there for her birth, brought gifts, and visited with us beforehand while we waited to be taken back.

After getting everything done, my c-section was scheduled for 12pm and luckily we stayed right on track with timing. I remember feeling very relaxed before walking over to the OR. I also remember it being freezing in the OR and shivering on the table before I had my spinal block. This part made me nervous because Chase couldn't come in until after the spinal was done (same as it was when we had Finn). However, everyone from the anesthesiologist to the OR nurses, and of course my doctor made me feel so comfortable and made jokes to lighten up the mood that it was a breeze. They brought Chase in and he came and sat beside me, I think at one point he asked if I was ok and I said "I just feel so relaxed.", whatever those drugs were, they were amazing, haha! At 12:15p.m., Zoe Sylvie Sims entered the world and I remember hearing her cry and the biggest relief came over me that she was here and ok. Weighing 8lbs, 2oz and 20 1/2 inches long, she was and is so perfect!

While she was getting her weight and the nurses checked her vitals and all, my doctor joked that they were almost done, he was doing the stitches & he was trying to line my freckles back up, ha! I moved to a different bed to go back to the recovery room in and I never felt any pain whatsoever. Back in my recovery room, a few of our family were waiting and the nurses did all of Zoe's labs, she got to nurse, etc. all in the room which was so nice. She did have to spend some time under the warmer to get her blood sugars back up but thankfully they were where they needed to be within that next 24 hours.

My mom brought both Vivian and Finn to meet their new sister and instantly Vivian took to her and wanted to hold her and sing to her. Finn I don't think realized really what was going on until the next day, haha. We were wheeled down to our post op room where we spent the next 3 days. The hospital food was great, we had the best staff who were all so attentive, kind and brought us anything we needed. They gave her her first bath in our room, did her hearing test, more labs and tended to me to make sure I was good with my pain meds and wasn't in any pain. Hands down the best hospital staff from the cleaning crew, nutrition, nurses, everyone. I can't say enough good things and how easy the our experience was.

So far post partum, the first 3 or 4 days after the c-section were the hardest. If you're already a mom, you know postpartum either way you give birth isn't very glamorous. After this c section, I had pads everywhere on my body from leaky boobs, bleeding, stitches, postpartum underwear, spanx, I mean, it couldn't have been any sexier but I'd do it all over again for our sweet girl. I stopped my pain meds  about day 5/6 after my surgery. A few things I'm going to note if you're having a c-section that I forgot about with Finn and I think are helpful that I'd love to share with you guys are:

1. Relax as much as possible. Both before your c-section and especially afterwards. You need lots of rest afterwards so the more hands on deck, the better. You won't be allowed to drive for a little while after, I was told 6 weeks due to if you're in an accident issues with the seatbelt, the airbag, and not to mention if you haven't been cleared by your doctor, you could have insurance issues. Just remember to breathe and you're about to welcome your sweet babe into the world!!

2. Get up and walk a little as soon as you can. It is always so uncomfortable and can be painful to get back up and start walking after your surgery but even just a little each day will help with recovery. Make sure to not over do it though!

3. Take a stool softener when you start taking your pain meds. Just trust me on this. You just had a pretty serious abdominal surgery and it will take a few days for everything to start running properly.

4. Keep tabs on your pain. It's easy after a little while to feel like you can conquer the world again, but after you've been up to walk or if you happen to over do it, you will definitely feel sore. I know in the hospital I tried to go without pain meds after I should have taken another dose and didn't and ending up really hurting so just write down your times for your next dose or the time you last took it to manage it!

Now that we are home, Vivian has been so helpful and always holds Zoe every morning before school. She sings to her and rocks her, always tells her "Hi Zoe, Hi". Finn will love on her every now and then and rub her head but he does like to snuggle up beside me if I'm holding her and will lay his head on hers. We are still figuring out this whole new routine with 3 but I'm so thankful Zoe has been so easy, the kids are adjusting well, and my recovery overall has been the easiest so far. Zoe girl, we love you so much and are so thankful for you! Welcome to the word baby girl!!