1 Year Old Baby Girl Gift Guide

Y'all Zoe is turning one NEXT Friday!! HOW?! I really don't know, time is a thief and babies absolutely do not keep that's for sure. While I'm sad, I'm also so excited to see how her personality blossoms because she's so silly now and it's the best! I feel like they change so much within such a short amount of time, honestly I feel like she's changed a little every day!

With her birthday coming up, we've been talking about what to get her. We haven't gone too toy crazy (thanks to having 2 older siblings, haha). I do have a few things that we plan to gift our girl with that I think she will love and any special baby girl in your family will too! Do we all agree though that less is more when it comes to toys? We weren't always like that but y'all the amount of toys in our playroom is on a whole other level, I can't deal. We ended up doing about 3-4 rounds of pitching toys through the summer that end up at the bottom of the toy bins after a few months. It is the best feeling isn't it?!!

I hope you enjoy the roundup and hope that it gives y'all some great ideas for gift giving!! After Labor Day, we are kicking Fall off into full gear around here so get excited! Love you all and have a fantastic rest of your week!!


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