Designer Dupes From Amazon

January 4, 2020

Hey guys! I hope today finds all of you well! This year I made a resolution that I would share more with you guys daily and that includes here on the blog too! I am SO excited to share today's post with y'all because I love a good budget find and Amazon is where it's at!! I've had my eye on a few things the past few weeks and I've been trying some of these items to give my feedback about before sharing them here with you guys.

If you're on a budget or trying to be better with money this year, there are some amazing dupes I've come across on Amazon that you'll still be able to get the look from. A lot of them like the checkered Louis Vuitton dupes also come in the white version as well which is so perfect for Spring if you prefer another color. Of course there's nothing wrong with a little splurge if you're more of a spender! Do you boo!! BUT these dupes are TOO good not to pass on to y'all though!

My MIL got me the checkered crossbody and loved it so much she ordered herself one and one for Dirty Santa with Chase's family! It's so pretty and so well made!! I'll share some of these in my stories on my Instagram if you want to see more so be sure to follow me over there for all the finds @leasims!! Do you guys like seeing the dupes? Should I do more of them? Let me know! Thanks for being here and if you have a good dupe you love, share it with me so I can pass it along!! Love you guys!!

Tory Burch Sandals ($189) vs Amazon ($35)
Cartier Love Bracelet ($14,600) vs Amazon ($18)
Gucci Inspired Headbands (set of 3)
LV Inspired Airpods Case 
Louis Vuitton Crossbody ($1650) vs Amazon ($40)
Gucci Earrings ($520) vs Amazon ($17)
LV Inspired Makeup Case

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