Talk Of Alabama Recap With Live Segment Video

Happy Tuesday babes! I hope this post finds you well! If you caught my stories on instagram last Thursday you know it was a super exciting day! I was asked to be a part of a lifestyle segment for a talk show here in Birmingham called Talk of Alabama at ABC 33/40 but kept it a secret which was so hard to do! I was freaking out y'all! I was so nervous but so excited and I had the best time sharing some tips and tricks to maintain those New Years Resolutions with some really fun lifestyle products. I wanted to circle back and share those items Nicole and I talked about and one other that didn't make it to the segment I think y'all will love too!

I want to thank those of you who sent messages and love my way, it completely made my day and I'm so thankful for every single one of you! Also, I want to pass along that if you only take one thing away from this post let it be this: if you are passionate about something but it's not really going how you'd like it to, maybe you're feeling stagnant and questioning what your purpose is, maybe you feel defeated because you don't have all the resources you think you need, maybe you've been working so hard and nothing has come to fruition yet, KEEP GOING!!! There are so many times I've wanted to throw in the towel on blogging but I love to share deals with you guys, favorites, personal family moments, connecting with y'all and hopefully inspire someone somewhere along the way. Stop the negative talk, pray more, and choose faith over fear. YOU GOT THIS, remember that! I'm rooting for you!!

Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse Juices - Whether you have a weight loss goal, want to incorporate more greens into your diet, or increase your energy, these juices are such a good choice! Raw Generation is 100% raw, plant based and vegan so you don't have to worry about any additives and kick start a healthier you in days. My personal favorite is the pineapple, cucumber & aloe vera! Raw Generation also offers smoothies and other juice cleanses as well!

Sharp Chef Knife by F.N. Sharp - Meal prepping anyone? I never knew the importance of a sharp chef knife until recently and now I honestly want to throw out all of my other knives. These F.N. Sharp knives cut everything like butter y'all, it's so good!! The knives are made with a Japanese steel and the quality is out of this world, seriously. If you love to cook, you NEED this!

Chefman Electric Kettle - I know how essential is coffee is in the morning but if you're trying to cut back on your coffee intake, tea has so many amazing benefits. This kettle has color changing technology that changes from red to black so you know when it's hot and has a 1.7 liter capacity so you can have tea within seconds. Go grab a sleepytime tea, this kettle and your favorite Netflix show to have a relaxing night!

Easy Breather Natural Pillow by Nest Bedding - This pillow by Nest didn't make it in time for the segment but trust me when I say it's my favorite I think out of all the products. It's an all natural pillow made in the USA and made with Oeko Tex Certified Shredded Latex pillows that are
both breathable and soft. It's filled with a proprietary blend of materials that provide a supportive yet supple support that mimics a down and feather pillow. The best part? There's no animal products, flame retardants or chemicals in this pillow so if you're trying to make more eco friendly purchases this year, this is a great choice! Sleep is SO important to a healthier lifestyle! Your family will be fighting over this like ours does now, it's the absolute best!! I promise!