SEEing Clearly With See Eyewear

If you're ever local to Birmingham, you must stop at The Summit before you leave! So many good stores to shop at, yummy restaurants to grab a bite to eat, and so many good wall murals for the perfect picture! If you saw on my Instagram a few weeks back, I did a partnership with a new store that recently opened called SEE. If you're not familiar with SEE, they 're a handmade eyewear brand based out of Detroit that's been voted "Best Eyewear" across the country and for good reason. Even celebrties like Oprah and Howie Mendell love them and they've been featured in so many magazines - the Birmingham has the articles on display and they're really fun to look through!

^^ some of the cutest kids frames!

Y'all the store itself is so beautiful and clean but beyond that the amount of different styles of glasses, sunglasses and even kids glasses are unreal. No matter what your style is, they are guaranteed to have something that you love. Another cool thing that Jill told me about is that there are only a limited quanity of each style, so once that style is gone it's gone for good which means you basically get a custom pair.

When I first met with Jill and Borden, they pulled a few pairs for me to try. There were so many good options and I'm so thankful they were there to help because I ended up liking several that I don't think I would have picked on my own so they know what they're doing!

One thing you have the option of doing once you pick your frames, is choosing your transition color! This is going to be the color your lenses change when you go outside. You can choose between amethyst, sapphire and emerald and trust me when I tell you it's such a tough choice!

My exact pick:
+ Anti reflective coating
+ Blue light filter
+  Amethyst transtion
+ Polished edge

Some other really exciting things to know about SEE:

+ They have an optometrist I believe on Wednesdays at the Birmingham store, so if you need to see an eye doctor to get your prescription you can do it there. Already have one, bring it in and they can get you all set up!

+ They have kids glasses and they're the cutest I've ever seen. I'm not just saying that or being paid to say that ;)

+ Pretty accessories!

+ They take insurance! Check with your local store for more details on that.

 ^^ the exact frames Howie Mandel wears

Again, all of this wouldn't be possible without Jill and Borden, they are incredible and if you're local GO SEE THEM and tell them I sent you! If you're not local, you can still shop online or a store near you. Seriously the best experience ever, you will love it!