Lots of my sweet friends have just had their babies or have babies on the way so this section was so fun for me to round up!

1. The Playgym by Lovevery - We got this for Zoe before she was born! From tummy time to play fort, it provides an entire year of play!

2. Hooded Flamingo Towel - because there's nothing sweeter than a fresh clean baby in a cute hooded towel

3. Dimpl Toy - I don't know what it is about this thing, but both Zoe and Finn go crazy over it! Simple and brilliant, push and pop them! 

4. Silicone Bibs - We have these as well and love that their silicone so you can easily wash them off. Also dishwasher safe! 

5. Soft Baby Blocks - Soft, chewy and durable! I love that these have animals, shapes, fruit, etc. Great for development with touch and vision! 

6. Gund Elephant - Zoe loves this little elephant! His ears play peek a poo and he sings "do your ears hang low"! There are also other animals to choose from but I highly recommended him!

7. Cuddle & Kind dolls - All of the kids have several of these. So many darling animals to choose from & for every 1 doll, 10 children in need are fed!

8. Fruit Feeders - These saved the day when Zoe was first trying foods and teething! Add frozen fruit, veggies and that's it!

9. Ugg Slippers - I mean, how cute!! To keep those baby toes extra warm when socks just keep coming off. Also comes in several colors!

10. Mombella Mimi The Mushroom - Great for non pacifier breastfed babies!

11.Poke A Dot Books - We have the farm one and Zoe loves it!! There are other options like sea creatures, monkeys, etc. but she to pop and press on each page!

12. Swan Rocker - Super cushy and beautiful!