I don't know what it is about pillow this year but I can't get enough! I want all the festiveness and then some! 

1. Plaid Green - Love this simple option! If you don't like a lot of printed pillows, this is a great option to add some green in!

2. Merry & Bright - Do I need to say more?

3. Opalhouse Tree - This is so festive and fun!!

4. Cheers - Simple and beautiful! This one makes me happy!

5. Joy - I love the pattern and tassels on the corners!

6. City - This is probably my favorite of the bunch!

7. Better Not Pout - Another simple but super cute pillow!!

8. Neutral trees - If pops of red & green on pillows isn't your thing, this is a pretty neutral option!

9. 3 Trees - I can totally see this in a really cute entryway!

10. Santa - I almost picked this one up at Target & I regret leaving it! Going tomorrow to go back and get it!!

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