Finn is Six! - Birthday Recap

Finn man is SIX!!! I don’t know where the time goes but this birthday is so different than any other in the best way.

Birthdays have always been challenging, overwhelming for him, and he never really fully understood the concept. We celebrated with friends and family over the weekend and had so many wins and firsts that I have to share because it made my mama heart so happy. For any other parent walking this Autism journey like us, keep the faith & never give up hope! Every small win is a huge win! 

Wins: Chase surprised him with Darth Vader and he LOVED it. His awareness and socialization skills have improved so so much. Sitting, waiting, and engaging have always been difficult but he was so ready and excited for the party! He blew out half the candles and left the other half until we stopped singing. 

He made eye contact with everyone while we sang happy birthday (see the sweet video below) and blew out his candles for the first time ever. 

He opened his presents by himself for the first time & his speech and communication continue to progress too! He is a rockstar and I could cry happy tears because it was the best party yet. Seeing him so happy made us all so happy. 

We are so proud of you Bubs and cannot believe you’re already 6! You’re truly one in a million. Happy birthday buddy. We love you to the moon and back!!