31 Things About Me




Hey babes!!! It's my birthday!! I'm a huge birthday lover and love to reflect and look back on how far I've come in all areas of life! From moves, to self love, to seeing our family grow, and of course all the memories with my babies! 

Turning 30 last year was honestly so scary and I remember having a slight panic attack the night before (don't judge me, haha) but 30 was definitely one of my favorite years so far! I thought it'd be fun to share some things about me so we could all get to know each other better! I'd love to hear something about you also! 

1. The beach is my happy place.

2. I could live off Starbucks Iced Chai foreva, eva. Bonus points if it's got pumpkin syrup in it in the Fall season!

3. My babies are my absolute world. Everything I do, I do for them and I am so thankful God blessed me with them. They make me a better person and I couldn't love them more!

4. Chase and I got married in Las Vegas before our actual wedding in 2012. He was in the Marines and we wanted to be able to move in together and not have to wait for a house but the Marine Corps needed documentation. So we went to a chapel, wore our regular clothes (the whole thing was as informal as can be), and got documentation. We don't claim that day because it had no significant meaning, our friends & family weren't there and it wasn't anything like we wanted our real wedding to be. If you've ever experience the military lifestyle, you'll completely understand this! Our actual wedding was so much more special and beautiful!

5. I was born in New Orleans, LA but grew up in Vicksburg, MS. 

6. A clean house ALWAYS puts me in the best mood!

7. I've loved clothes and fashion ever since I can remember. One of my favorite memories was going to Limited Too with my mom when I was bout 7 or 8 and we would practically buy out the store (at least it felt like it) Anyone else remember the blow up chairs? Haha!

8. 80's and 90's movies are my absolute favorite. The nostalgia with Disney Channel movies are also on another level!

9. I hate to be late! But I also hate to be rushed!

10. Big Brother is one of my favorite shows! I'm a huge sucker for reality tv!

11. Greece is one of my top places on my bucket list to visit!

12. My mom is my very best friend and has been since I was a baby. I look up to her so much and she would bend over backwards for anyone she loves. We talk multiple times a day, everyday.

13. Our son Finn was diagnosed with Autism almost 3 years ago. While I thought that was the most soul crushing thing to hear, it has been such a beautiful journey (with lots of hurdles no doubt) so far and has given me such a compassionate outlook on families with kids with special needs. They are incredible just like Finn man and I'm so blessed he is ours. Motherhood is the toughest job, but also the most rewarding. 

14. I don't think I could ever own enough blankets or jackets, haha. 

15. It's true what they say you can count your true friends on one hand and I am most definitely thankful for my tribe of amazing girlfriends!

16. Most hated food: Ravioli. Even typing that out makes me want to gag, the smell, everything about it is just UGH. However, I could eat Caesar salad everyday and be totally fine with it! 

17. I love meeting new people and forcing myself to be extroverted but always have to come home and have alone time to recharge. I'm such a homebody.

18. I didn't want to move back to the south after we had lived in California but I actually love Birmingham . We have met life long friends here, Finn's entire therapy center and therapists we are all so thankful for, and being closer to both of our families!

19. I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and it's one of my proudest things I've ever done for myself.

20. Art has always been a big part of my life. I loved to draw when I was little, always loved music, and picked up photography when I started this blog! My camera roll is always full and I'm always having to delete things to free up storage!

21. I'm usually always optimistic about situations. It's true I like to see the bright side of things and always try to lift others up. If you've seen my morning IG stories, you know this already :) 

22. I can't drink any drink in a glass without ice. If it's bottled, totally fine. In a glass, gotta pass. I'm not sure why that is, haha.

23. My first job was Smoothie King and I can still make a mean smoothie. This is also the same job I got a my first fake i.d. (insert hands over eye emoji here)

24. I'm a planner! I love to have things organized even though I feel like most things aren't as orgnized as I'd like them to be. 

25. I don't like horror movies. I loved them growing up but my amazing adult anxiety just cannot handle it now. Also, old people in horror movies is the WORST. Nightmares for days.

26. I took ballet, tap, & jazz lessons for many years when I was younger.

27. I like to cook if I'm in the mood to cook! Holidays and the fall season are when I'm most actively cooking, haha!

28. Speaking of food, I'm not a big meat eater other than chicken. I'll eat a steak every now but pork grosses me out.

29. I loved playing Luigi's Mansion on Gamecube as a kid, and I was badass at it, hahaha. The kids have a Nintendo switch and you better believe I've already played and won the newest version too. Total nerd moment, but it's such a fun game!

30. I initially wanted to be a nurse before going to FIDM.

31. I can still do a cartwheel which I think is pretty impressive. The only difference is I really can't feel my legs for a day or so after. Cheers to 31 ;) 

Above all else, thank you guys for being here and sticking with me from the beginning. Connecting with you and building so many friendships, has been one of my greatest joys since starting this blog. I really do feel like a lot of us are besties!! Thank you for supporting me and always sending so much love our way. Cheers to many more! Love you all!